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from the Coeur d'Alene Garden Club​

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Lost & Found at Garden Tour! We have a few precious items that were found during the Garden Tour (jewelry, camera chip). Please email or  Facebook message us with a description of your LOST item and maybe we can make a match with our FOUND item!   

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

From Bonnie Warwick, Garden Tour Chairman

Thanks to all who participated in the Garden Tour of 7-15-18. It was a success all around. Thanks to our garden owners for their gracious reception of our tour guests and for making their gardens so beautiful to share. Thanks to our tour guests and for their kind words of appreciation of the gardens. And BIG thanks to the committee of garden club volunteers/members who worked tirelessly in the warm weather to greet our guests and meet their needs. As the garden tour chairman, I can't have asked for more. Now we will select our recipients for distribution of profits from the tour in the near future -- always a pleasure and an honor for the garden club.

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The Coeur d'Alene Garden Club provides horticultural education through meetings, field trips, presentations and our garden tour and is dedicated to furthering the beautification of Northern Idaho by providing wildlife habitats through the use of plants.  Our members represent a vast and knowledgeable resource for the gardener in the beautiful Inland Northwest!