A fun event for our members, garden owners and other guests prior to our annual garden tour.  Thank you Tina & Ed for hosting in your beautiful garden!

MAY, 2022


​A chilly spring day at Dalton City Park

Remembering Marjorie (Margie) Fields

Margie was a valuable member of our garden club, was our secretary and friend, and she will be missed!

Ron's Garden

Jill's Garden

Mix-It-Up hosted our garden club in November for some great shopping! Got the pictures before the crowds!

September, 2022


​at Tina & Ed's Barn & Grant Recipients​​

Rhoda's Garden

​Vivi's Garden

Pamela's Garden

​Nancy's Garden

​Tina's Garden

Tour of Members' Gardens August 2022

In lieu of a regular meeting this month, several of our members opened up their gardens for fellow garden club members to view.  We don't have pictures from all, but here are some to enjoy!

​Thank you very much Tina, Nancy, Bill & Rhoda, Pat & Rusty, Vivi & John, Pamela, Jill, Lynda and Ron!

Pat's Garden

These are garden tour posters from years past, as well as current year, being displayed downstairs at the CDA Library

Garden Club News & Memories


What a great group of fellow gardeners and plant lovers!   We sure know how to have fun!

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