​​​​Proceeds from our garden tours benefit the following community-based organizations:

  NIC Dual Enrollment Program Scholarships
  Hayden Meadows Elementary Greenhouse Project 

  Skyway Elementary Garden
  Children’s Village
  Elder Help

  Silver Angels for the Elderly
  Turkeys and More
  Shared Harvest Garden
  Gathering Garden @ NIC
  Safe Passage (Women's Center) 
  Kootenai Humane Society

  Second Chance Pet Recue

  Safety Net Inland NW

  Kid Centric Sports Assn. (KCSA)

  Library Foundation Children's Naturebrary

Proceeds are used to help local charities.  If you want to help us by sponsoring, email us at:  

​Some of our Favorite Photos from the 2021 Garden Tour!

2021 Garden Tour Chairpersons

Thank you Tina for hosting the presentations at your garden!

Please consider becoming a sponsor! This is your opportunity to promote your business in a very positive way and to support our community. We hope that you will give the Coeur d’Alene Garden Tour serious consideration as you plan your philanthropic endeavors for the coming year!  Contact us at cdagardenclub@gmail.com 

Do you have garden-related items for sale that we might feature in one of our tour gardens?  We like partnering with community businesses.

​Want to be a part of the FUN?  Why not VOLUNTEER!  Join us at a planning meeting or email at cdagardenclub@gmail.com.​


Nonprofits Receiving donations this year are:

​NIC Dual Enrollment - Rayelle Anderson & Pam Noah

Hayden Meadows Greenhouse Project - Vern Harvey

Elder Help - John Corcoran

I-Care - Katie Simmons

Shared Harvest Garden - Sherilyn Long

Safe Passage (women's center) - Annette

2nd Chance Pet Rescue - Nickie Odenthal

Silver Angels for the Elderly - Diane Zell

Safety Net Inland NW - Kristen Neeser

Kid Centric Sports Assn. (KCSA) - Jenny Supp & Carletta Brenneman

Library Foundation Children's Naturebrary - Holly Stetson & Mandy Harris

Humane Society building fund - Vickie Nelson


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Photos by Mark Huender

​Our 2021 Recipients

​​THANK YOU EVERYONE for a very successful  garden tour!  Despite the hot weather, we sold about 800 tickets and had very positive responses from our tour guests. 

I hope you all enjoyed the day touring, working, and volunteering for our 23rd Annual Garden Tour, 2021.

- Cathy Evjen & Bonnie Warwick


​​​This year the Coeur d'Alene Garden Club is very happy to share the profits of this year's garden tour.

On August 24, 2021, we presented a total of $16,000, which was distributed to several nonprofits.  

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support, our many volunteer members, and to you, our community.

​You, recipients, are here because of what you do.

So...go forward today and MAKE A DIFFERENCE...as always!!

     - Cathy & Bonnie